Network Marketing – The Million dollar opportunity in 21st century

Network Marketing – The Million dollar opportunity

My Dear friend,

Whatever knowledge and Information I am going to share with you is based on my experience from the seminar, training, Program, audio and video.

You may find many things familiar because it all is from network marketing business and my great uplines already knew it.

Chapter 01 Understanding the network marketing

When did network marketing start?

Carl F. Rehnborg developed his vitamin products in the 1930s. He started selling his vitamins as the California Vitamin company and renamed it in 1939 to Nutrilite. In 1945, he formulated the multi-level marketing selling system to distribute his vitamins. Two men, Lee S. Mytinger and William S. Casselberry became exclusive national distributors in 1945 and operated a company to distribute the vitamins.

The founders of Amway, Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos began as independent distributors selling Nutrilite products in 1949, at a time when the product’s previous distributors (Mytinger and Casselberry, Inc.) were involved in a dispute with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which accused them of false advertising. They rose rapidly to being top-selling distributors. Concerned about the FDA dispute, Van Andel and DeVos launched a new company, the American Way, (later known as Amway), to use the multi-level marketing system for other household products. 

In America itself 20 percent of millionaire are from network marketing and in India it’s just starting.

What is Network marketing: a trap or the Real opportunity

Network marketing is well thought philosophical scientific process of marketing goods and services.

It is the only industry which can grow fastest, stable and richest peoples.

multi-level marketing is a unique way of selling your (or someone’s) products to the end-user. In the conventional business model, the manufacturer makes the products, and then a distributor distributes the products to retailers who in turn sell them to the end-user.

Network marketing, on the other hand, does things differently. Unlike in the traditional model, the manufacturer makes the products and ships them directly to the end-user. With MLM, there is no need for mediators – distributors and retailers.

They don’t do advertisements. They use their customers to recommend their products to other people. As a result, the money that would otherwise go into advertising is used to pay their customers which is a clean way of doing business.

Why should you do network marketing when you have other options

there are so many reasons that you can do network marketing, but you need only one to do it.

Remember: Opportunity has a sly habit of slipping in by the back door, and often it comes disguised in the form of misfortune or temporary defeat. Perhaps this is why so many fail to recognize the opportunity.


Inflation is an evil, that will eat away all your hard-earned money. if you know about this, then there is no need for further reading of these stories. We know that inflation degrades the value of money.

Let understand this by an example:

Suppose you have 100 Rs in 2020, the value of object A is 100 in 2020, but next year because of inflation it’s going to be 106, even if you have your amount in your saving account it will be only 104. That means you have added 2Rs more to buy the same object. And over time it will show you a compound effect.

Now if doing the job or running a small business (Self Employed) and your income just meeting your basic requirements then you need to add some parallel source of income. And in the present situation Network marketing is the best way.

No boss no loss

In every job, people have fear of boss and in every self-employed business people have fear of loss. But in the network marketing business, you have none. Why?

Because In this business you can buy and you can join, there is no need for any interviews and test. You can simply join a business with a product or any product packages. Now suppose you don’t want to do business, still, you won’t have any loss. Your business depends on your will that why there is no boss. No one can give you any kind of order. That’s the strength of the network marketing business.

In a network marketing business, you will not get any stress because of your upline and business investment.

No reservation

The great man of India Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar has seen India as a country where there are no racism, casteism and gender inequalities. He has a dream of India where Indian will live with equality, brotherhood and kindness.

Now let’s see, in the network marketing business if you join you will never find any partiality based on your caste, religion, age, education, gender, and colour. it has been proven a long time that where there is network marketing is growing very rapidly in that country these differences have overcome. Network marketing or direct selling is the best way to eliminate casteism and gender inequalities in our country.

No investment

In network marketing, if you want to start then you have to buy a product or product package. And you are ready to go. You don’t have to invest lakhs or a crore to start this business. While in the traditional market if you want to start a small shop you need at least 5-6 lakh and you have to open your shop every day. Whether customers are coming or not.

No Government vacancy

Technology has been increasing drastically and government sectors are overtaken by private corporations. And it’s always a loss for the government, in future days expect the defence everything will be under private sector. So the government will have no jobs. And nowadays the government saying “Vocal for local” and ” become Self depend” and people are still crying for government jobs.

No jobs after 2021

If you see the research in science and technology segments you will find that in future everything will be run by artificial intelligence. Even now everything has been moved online.

Most of your work can be done by machines and computers. And your work is to finish 2GB of data every day.

Farmer of the country using harvester and thresher for farming. Builders are using JCB for pit digging. So where is the use of human power?

No boundaries

You can do this business anywhere across the globe. Because MLM companies are generally working in more than one country. Even if you are doing this business, in India you can choose any city or location. And if you want to shift your business somewhere else you just need your business tools and you are ready to go.

No graduation required

In this business, you don’t require any kind of degree or diploma. You just need a will and you can start. If you compare this business with others you will find that this business is making more millionaire compare to other business without any degree or certificate.

This business is a second chance for people to flourish in their life. Special for the people who were unable to study because of some reason in their young age.

Time freedom

This business is not a kind of 9 to 5 job. You can choose your own time, your day when you want to work. No boss will give the order. Even you can take leave whenever you ever you want. And you don’t have to submit application for leave.

Money freedom

In network marketing business networker has the freedom of writing their cheque. It depends on you how much you want to earn. You have to work hard in starting. But once your team is made, you will get a boost in your pay-cheque and your business.

Real Business education

In colleges, you will only theoretical education there is no practical use of that knowledge in real life. But the education of network marketing system helps you in real life also. Because it, not money or product which runs the business it’s the education of network marketing businesses.

Easy to automate and duplicate

Network marketing business comes with a pre-install education system. Because of the powerful education system, it’s easy to train people. Once your team is trained, they can take care of your business. And they will repeat the same process. And so on your business will keep on growing.

The real source of passive income

There are 8 income streams from which you can earn the money. One of them is royalty income. In network marketing, you will get real royalty income because your team is still in the field. Even when you are retired from the business.

8 Income streams

  1. Earned Income: Income from working in a job.
  2. Profit Income: Income from buying and selling.
  3. Interest Income: Income from lending money.
  4. Passive Income: Continous Income with little effort.
  5. Rental Income: Income from renting a property.
  6. Dividend Income: Income from Owning a stock
  7. Capital Income: When your asset increase in value.
  8. Royalty Income: Income from other using your idea.

Ambitious friends

In the Network marketing business, you will be surrounded by ambitious friends. It’s because of the nature of business. This business always appeals to dreamers. This business is very simple but not easy at all. That’s why it always keep filtrating the people.

You will be treated like a king

Once you are in business, and your team grow up you will be treated like a king by your growing line, cross line, up line and system. The value of people because of powerful system and their determination to succeed.

Ultimate Network of people

You will have the ultimate network of people in your circle. It’s because once someone joins your business, then they come with their list. And You don’t know who knows whom.

A true equal opportunity for everyone

Network marketing is a business where everyone has a true and equal opportunity for everyone. And you are the one who determines your success. And this is true with this business. Once you have decided that you want to succeed in this business then no one can stop you.

You will become a brand

There is no doubt in this fact, that the peoples who are doing network marketing business are the Brands after they succeed. It takes 3-4 years, but still if have patience and keep working you will be known by your name.

you are the owner of your own business

Once you joined, your business has been started, and you are the one who is going to make it profitable. One more thing there no loss in this business. So you have only one option and that is a success. Yes, another possibility that you don’t want to do this business. That is also fine because if you don’t, then you next generation is going to join the same business. Company may differ. But network marketing is the future of the world.

You are the owner of your life and so you are the owner of your network marketing business.

You can help others to achieve their dreams

Everyone of want to help other people by some mean. And financial help is the best. Because nothing can work without money. God has allowed us to fill the joy in someone else’s life. We don’t have another mean. Emotional help don’t stay long. You can give food the a Hungary person. But in network marketing you teach people how to earn your bread.

Early Retirement

Once your team take over all the responsibility, then you don’t have to work that hard. You just need to share your success journey, motivate them and share knowledge that can help your people move ahead in their life. If your campers this business with jobs or self-employed business then it will be unfair. Because it’s not fair to send a goat in front of an elephant.

Extra Income

Who doesn’t want to earn extra income? but how many of us want to extra work. Very few, that’s why they’re very limited people are challenging their present situations. Even a small amount of money can help you a lot. Because if you are earning extra 4 to 5 thousand. Then It can help you in many ways.

Meeting with new people every day

Whenever you going to present your presentation, every time you have to present it in front of a new prospect. So this is the best way to build a network at any place because people are always influenced by a good presenter. This system will teach you everything from zero to one.

But it will take time, and that’s not an issue. Because in the network marketing business you can earn up to lakh of rupees per week. So it’s worth learning all these skill.

Personal Development

In the network marketing business, you will learn skills that may not have learned in your school and college days. And they have charged you more lakhs of rupees. But in the network marketing business, you will learn all these things almost free of cost. Like communication skill, organizational skill, leadership skill, management skill, time management skill and much more skills.

Because of this skill, you get improvements in your personality and you will start moving toward the top of the networking business.

Financial freedom

Once you have skills and you start exploring your knowledge. You will start moving toward financial freedom. Because you are the master copy who is going to be duplicate. So make your self neat and clean.

You can leave a legacy to next generation

This comes with every true network marketing business that, after you, your income will get transfer to your next generation.

Your next generation will start from where you had stopped. They don’t have to start work from zero. Options like this don’t exist anywhere else in jobs.

Tax Benefits

Same as other businesses you will get a tax benefit from the government of India.

Which company should I choose to start a network marketing business?

If you want to succeed in the network marketing business then the selection of right company is very important.

There are four criteria to choose a good company in network marketing.

Company’s credibility and track record

If you came to know about any network marketing company’s plan, then before joining it go to Google and Search about it.

  • Who is the director (directors) of the company?
  • When did the company start?
  • Is there any legal case on the company or directors?
  • Did the company have all the required certificate and approval?
  • The upline you are going to work with is smart enough to lead you toward success.

Company’s products and services ( the product can be sold without network marketing plan)

  • In your company, the products should be good enough, so that they can be sold without any business plan.
  • The product should be usable and it should have a market requirement.
  • it is best if the company also have FMCG products. Because this product is in always requirements. And you don’t have to work for creating market need.

Company’s income plan

money is the veins of any industry. It is the biggest motivating force for people. So before starting you should check the income plan of the company. That how they are paying the commission to its people.

  • Payment should be paid regularly, there should not be any delay in the period.
  • It should be weekly or monthly.
  • It should be based on commission, it should be given on sales of products.

Education system

the education system is the backbone of the network marketing business. A business can not run without any education system. If your company has an education system then it’s easy to get joining of people.

  • It should have weekly training people.
  • It should have ‘success preview seminars’.
  • It should have proper leadership development programs for its associate.
  • The philosophy of a company should be more focused on people developments.

who should start the network marketing business?

  • Dreamers
  • Those who are doing jobs and it’s not secure like a private school teacher, private jobs, low salaried government jobs.
  • Those who are running a self-employed business.
  • Students who studying and want to achieve their goals.
  • Housewives
  • And I should say it’s requirement for everyone.

But before starting, check the type of personality you have. Because it’s very critical in achieving the success in network marking business.

There are two ways to check

  1. Find someone or some online website where you can check do your psychometric assessment.
  2. There are some of the properties of four types of personality, check which is more dominant in your case. Your personality will be mixed up results of all these personalities.

The network marketing industry has an open gate policy. Still, it’s not for everyone. When I meet with people a lot of time. At first glance, I can see the fire in the belly of my prospect, I can feel whether the prospect is perfect for my business or not. And whenever it’s difficult to find, I use the 5 golden questions technique (thank to Allen Pease).

the rich people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work.

who is your advisor?

so before starting a business everyone seeks advice from their familiar people. Generally, their relative and friends. And there is no wrong thing with that, because this activity we are doing from our childhood. But do you really think that it going to help you succeed.

There are three types of advisors.

  1. Successful people
  2. Unsuccessful people
  3. Common people (neither successful nor unsuccessful)

Successful people:

There are very rare around us, but still, they exist. People generally can not go to them. Because it is very difficult to get their time. And people often feel shy to approach them. It’s hurt their ego. Because it proves to them that they are losses in their life. But I will suggest you, go and seek advice from some successful person. They may charge you for that but it’s all correct.

You should have some courage to ask them. And you get life-changing advice.

Unsuccessful people:

These are also rare, but you can find them easily around you. These are the people who had tried things in their life and faced failure. These people know that why they failed in their life. And they can share with you the point which makes them unsuccessful.

Their advice is kind of free, but they had already paid for that in their life. Find them ask them. Why they failed.

The common man (know it all)

these are the people who are abundant in our society, they know everything. These are the people who have seen the world without a passport. Whenever a government passes a bill, they seek advice from these people.

They don’t know how to play football, but they can coach Messi. They know everything.

And these people are everywhere, even they can exist in form of your friends, relatives and neighbour.

The opinion is the cheapest thing in the universe that you can find anywhere. but when it’s not free, it possesses its value.

I will provide you with complete characteristic from all these four types of personality just check which type of personality suits you the best.

Now if you understood about network marketing then let’s moves toward building a network. And how can you make an ultimate network of people? What are the requirements?

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