Charles Schwab on Million Dollars salary

Charles Schwab was paid a salary of a million dollars a year in the steel business, and he told me that he paid this huge salary because of his ability to handle people. Imagine that! A million dollars a year because be seas able to handle people One day at noontime, Schwab was walking through one of his steel mills when he came across a group of men smoking directly under a sign that said No Smoking.

Do you suppose that Charles Schwab pointed at the sign and said, “Can’t you read? “

Absolutely not, not that master of human relations.

Mr. Schwab chatted with the men in a friendly way and never said a word about the fact that they were smoking sender a No Smoking sign.

Finally he banded them some cigars and said with a twinkle bis eye, “I’d appreciate it, boy, if you’d smoke these outside.”That is all be said. Those men knew that he knew that they bad broken a rule, and they admired him because he hade called them down. He had been such a good sport with them that they in turn wanted to be good sports with him.

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