Best free app for network marketing of 2021 in India

Network marketing is one of the fastest-growing industries in India. And nowadays everyone is moving online for Digital network marketing. For that we need apps which can help us and make our life much easy. Here I am going to share Best free app for network marketing.

I think some of the app you might be having. And some of them you can create after reading this article. So without wasting more time let’s discuss the Best free app for network marketing.

6 best free mobile app for network marketing

  • Canva
  • Evernote
  • Linkdin
  • Zoom
  • WhatsApp Business
  • Quora
  • Summary


Yes, you have notice the right thing. Can a is the app that you must have. I am using this app from last 3 years. I helps me creating a quote post, logos, YouTube thumbnail, presentation, infographic, business card, invitation and much more. Friend, you to share the post in social platform so that you can generate the leads. So from can you can make most awesome and wonderful content.


On Number I will recommend you the Evernote.


It is the best app for note-taking, list-making, reminders, image saving and much more. It’s a very helpful tool for those who want to be successful. It’s a notepad, planner and daily organizer to take notes.

  • Organize everything from business cards contacts to spontaneous thoughts, in this featured filled app.
  • Embedded photo, sketches, checklists, audio and more in a single app.
  • searh for text written notes and images(both typed and handwritten)



The difference between ten executives in your Network Marketing business and ten nonprofessionals?


LinkedIn is the social media home for professionals and executives. Professional Network Marketers feel at home with LinkedIn. Professional Network Marketers get more traffic on LinkedIn than they get on Facebook. Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest can’t beat the power of LinkedIn.

Network Marketer #1 gives ten perfect presentations to ten perfect non-professionals on Facebook. One person joins his business.

Network Marketer #2 gives ten perfect presentations to ten perfect professionals on LinkedIn. Eight professionals join her business.

you have to use other social media platform also to generate more leads. Every prospect is important and you do not know who is going to be your next hero. So use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media to generate more leads.

if want to know more about that how to use LinkedIn for prospecting and more.


As we go on the online platforms. There are more chances that you have to online prospecting and presentation. And Zoom App is the best for that. You can have short meeting up to 40 minutes in one round and maximum 100 people with a free version. With screen sharing option.

Use it, learn it and explore it. The world is changing very drastically.

I believe, there more options are available in the market for online meeting like Google duo, webinar jam etc. You can use them also as per your need.

WhatsApp Business

Use WhatsApp business instead of simple WhatsApp. It has much more features than normal. You can link WhatsApp Business to your Facebook page.

If anyone contacts you from your Facebook page. In case you are not available, you can do settings for an automatic reply to anyone.

In WhatsApp business, you have options for Store, timing and catalogues.

whatsapp business

Quora is a platform where people can ask questions publically and others can answer them. Here you find a lot of question and answers related to network marketing or direct selling or mlm. I often use Quora to find out my answers. You can also use it to answer or to ask questions that need an answer.


other than quora use googles question hub, Google search and Reddit etc. To improve knowledge. Follow good YouTube channels like Sonu Sharma, HarshVardhan Jain, Deepak Bajaj, Devendra Sharma, Sulekha Bhargav and Chat with surender vats.

If want to know everything about network marketing read this Article.

Network Marketing the million-dollar opportunity in 21century


Here is the summary of the Best free app for network marketing or multi-level marketing or direct selling

  1. Canva: editing and creating tool
  2. Evernote: note-taking
  3. Linkdin: Social media
  4. Zoom: Videoconferencing
  5. WhatsApp Business: Chating and messaging
  6. Quora: for asking a question and getting an answer.

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